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Youth Groups


$825/day July 1 through Labor Day

$725/day May, June & after Labor Day

Call about super-specials in September! Reservations start in the fall and winter, with a 25% deposit due March 15, 50% May 1, and the balance due upon arrival. Mid-season gets filled fast, but we can often find space for another trip last-minute. Late August and September the water is still warm and the sailing is great! Our prices are only lower because the summer camps are done for the year and we have a boat or two empty. Early to mid-June can be beautiful, although slightly cooler, with water temps in the 50s.

Program Details

Groups of up to six teens, ages 11 to 16, sail with us on a captained charter for three or four days in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. They are accompanied by a chaperone, who is an agent of the youth group organization.

On this trip, the teens learn how to sail the boat. They work in pairs in a watch system, under constant supervision by the captain, to sail the boat from place to place in the Islands. After a day or two, the “crew” is often able to run the boat all on their own!

There are frequent stops for swimming, cave exploring by zodiac or inflatable kayak and hiking. Water temps in the low 70s are the norm in mid-season.

Nights are spent at anchor or on a dock, with everyone sleeping on board. A boat of this size has two or three separate cabins with single, double and triple berths. The captain has private sleeping quarters which are separate from the groups. Coed groups are welcome and work well.

Groups have lots of time for relaxing, both on deck and down below, while underway and at anchor. There is no TV, only a radio. Laptops, electronic games, etc. are not allowed. Books, cards, games, and camaraderie entertain very well on a boat and after a little while, no one misses their electronics.

Our groups range from YMCA camps and private summer camps to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and church youth groups. Other groups are welcome and the ages can vary. Please call with your groups needs.

The boats–yachts, really–have a galley with stove, sink, ice box, dry storage, tables, lounging, running water and a head. There is not a lot of privacy on a boat, but there are separate cabins for dressing. There is room for 6 adult-sized teens plus the captain and chaperone or 6 adults plus the captain.

We will suggest meals, but groups are expected to bring food for themselves and the captain. With full galley facilities, meals can be whatever you want. There is even a grill!

Our captains are all very experienced leading these groups, many with 20 or more years of captaining youth trips in the Apostle Islands.