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Policies & Pets

Reservations & Cancellations

A lot of our energy goes to filling our schedule and ensuring our trips run smoothly – and, due to the seasonal nature of our business, cancellations affect us greatly. To that end, we require full payment due upon reservation. If you need to cancel due to personal reasons, you may do so up to 48 hours prior to your trip; you can either apply your full payment to another trip date or receive a refund (minus a $100 cancellation fee). There are no refunds within 48 hours or if you do not show.

We work hard to make sure you have the tools you need to arrive on time and with the gear you need. Let us know if you have any questions or need something special to make your sailing trip possible.

Weather Guarantee

In the event of severe or unpleasant weather, All Hands Sailing Charters will issue a full refund or, if possible, the trip will be postponed or rescheduled at your convenience. Due to changing conditions, cancellations are usually determined at the time and place of departure, and passengers must either contact us prior or be present for a refund.

Weather is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful part of sailing. In the event of hazardous weather, we will issue a full refund, or, if possible, the trip will be postponed or rescheduled at your convenience. If the safety of the passengers, crew, or boat is in question, we always cancel and give you a full refund, but there are few weather events that don’t actually enhance the experience (Seriously – watching wraithlike strands of mist rise from the islands after a rainstorm is second to none). Especially during the spring and fall, we can usually reschedule around the weather.

It is critical to note that trip cancellations are almost always determined by the trip’s captain at the dock and at the time of the trip’s departure, and passengers must be present at that meeting for a weather-related refund. Our captains are expert sailors who understand the Lake and its moods intimately. If weather pops up unexpectedly during a trip, we may take an alternate route, or cut a trip short if the situation becomes untenable. Partial refunds or credit can be discussed once at dock. Occasionally we will cancel an entire day, usually due to gale warnings, and if this is the case we will contact you as soon as that decision is made. Otherwise, assume your trip is going out until your captain says otherwise, regardless of what the weather forecast is.

Our boats are well equipped to handle even the most severe of storms. The cabin belowdecks and a ‘dodger’ cover in the cockpit can help keep you dry in the event of rain. We usually have extra raingear aboard the boats, but bringing your own is the best option.

If there is a question about the weather the morning of the trip, call us. We try to determine weather cancellations as far in advance as possible, but most weather just adds to the beauty of the day. After all, there is no bad weather – just bad clothing.

Pets Aboard!

Pets are welcome aboard on all private trips. Pets are not allowed on our public Gateway Sails, as we want to ensure every guest has a fun voyage.

We love all things furry on our boats. Dogs, adventurous cats, and well-secured hamsters can adapt to sea life qA man clutches a dog aboard a sailboatuite readily. No one has yet tried to bring a lizard or other reptile aboard, but they would be welcome too. Almost every animal we have worked with has enjoyed sailing. Currently, we have no cleaning fees or other pet fees – and we hope to keep it that way. Make sure your pet is ready for the excursion – a stressed animal can put a damper on everyone’s enjoyment.

What you can do to prepare your pet:

  1. Make sure they have a lifejacket. Beyond the obvious benefits of their lifesaving nature, most lifejackets come with sturdy handles that make movement or embarkation a breeze.
  2. Spend some time with them on a boat beforehand. If you have access, gently introducing them to the movement of a vessel in a more controlled environment can help you see how they naturally react.
  3. Bring a few comfort items. Depending on the day, sailing can be quite exciting! There are often loud noises, shifts in the boat, and a general lack of flat ground. Making sure your animal has some things they recognize as their spots is useful to have, especially if they are anxious.
  4. Walk them right before the trip. While shore excursions are possible on our half-day or longer trips, it can still be several hours before you get the chance to walk your pet. Make sure their needs are taken care of.
  5. If your pet is in the middle of shedding their coat, we appreciate you helping to manage the spread! Limiting their access downstairs, providing towels or other surfaces for them to lay on, or helping sweep up after helps immensely! It’s not their fault, but we can avoid any extra pet fees because of the diligence of past owners.