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About the Fleet

Life aboard a sailboat blows van-living out of the water! Each of our boats are spacious, beautiful, and fully equipped. All of our boats sleep 7 people quite comfortably, and there’s always plenty of space above-decks to hang a hammock or lay out a cushion to watch the stars. Aboard, you can find a full kitchen, replete with pots, pans, and the other necessities, plenty of gear storage space, and of course the always important head, or toilet. Each boat sails with an outdoor gas grill to mount in the cockpit of the boat. Most meals that can be made at home are possible including steaks, pasta, pizza, shish-kabobs, soups, full breakfasts etc. Nothing tastes better than when eaten on a boat!

Raptor, a Catalina 36 MKII

We’re happy to have the stately Raptor as part of our fleet! Affectionately nicknamed ‘Rapture’ by one of our late captains, she really does bring about a feeling of great happiness, pleasure, and love.


Overall, Raptor is a gorgeous boat, built in 1999, just as modern design merged with excellent craftsmanship. Her light interior and bright wood make her wide interior spacious and open. With plenty of room in the cockpit and a forgiving design on the front deck, she’s easy to move around in and a joy to sail. She also comes with the famous Catalina stern-rail chairs, which are undoubtedly the best seats in the house, allowing for the unbeatable view of other folks doing the work.

You’ll most likely find Raptor out during day charters – her furling mainsail and jib make coasting in and out of the harbor a breeze.


Dragonfly, a Pearson 38.5' center cockpit

Dragonfly is a Pearson 385 Center Cockpit Sloop, and the oldest part of our fleet! She is a large, comfortable boat that sails with a dreamy confidence. Her large main and jib moves her even in the lightest of breezes. With the cockpit in the center of the boat, rather than the stern, there is room for a large private aft cabin with a double bed, ensuite with private head and a shower. The boat provides excellent ventilation with five opening ports and a large hatches, helping her keep cool even as the summer heats up.

The rest of the cabin is similar to our other boats, with a v-berth double bed, another head with shower, galley with stove and oven, and the main cabin with convertible table/double bed and single bed. The water tanks hold over 170 gallons of fresh water, making her excellent for passagemaking or long voyages – our favorite overnight boat.

Dragonfly was made for comfort and safety, and her size and heft makes her kindly in rough seas. If you’re dreaming of long passages between the islands, the summer wind blowing you to the next decadent destination, well, the booking page is just a click away.

Vahevala, a Tartan 37’

We’re happy to introduce you to Vahevala, the newest boat in our fleet, joining us in 2022. Her name comes from the 1971 Loggins and Messina song that celebrates “Vahevala”, a fictional island paradise beloved by sailors.

Tartans are well known for their great sailing performance and this 1982 Tartan features modern lines, beautiful blue hull and classic teak interior. The Tartan 37 is considered one of today’s classic cruising yachts – to this day, the T37 is the only ‘classic boat’ still advertised on the Tartan website. Vahevala sails wonderfully, and a few extra toys like movable jib cars make her an excellent boat for those who like to trim everything perfectly. The Tartan 37 has a reputation for being stable with good upwind performance, but really excels downwind on a reach. The boat is known to be easy to single hand and a joy to be aboard, often making it our captain’s favorite boat to sail. Her interior is dark and welcoming, a nice respite from the glares of our sun-drenched days. Her 12 feet of beam and clever design makes her larger than you expect, and her dark wood is gorgeous, offset nicely by white formica ceiling tiles.


Dreamcatcher, a Pearson 33'

Dreamcatcher was once our flagship vessel – she was sold a few years back to a beer-loving pirate, who owns and brews  at Adventure Club Brewing. (You should check it out – plus, he’ll always talk sailing.)

She was an important part of our history, so we keep her photos around to remind of us where we came from.