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The Apostle Islands

There are twenty-two Apostle Islands to explore; twenty-one of them belong to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. With the exception of Madeline Island, they are uninhabited, with only a few summer cabins left on a couple of islands. This extraordinary place is a floating wilderness, with only the occasional sailboat and kayak visiting its waters.  Several islands have sea caves that can be explored by zodiac. The southern tips of the islands often have sand spits that extend far into the water. These unusual sand beaches are great places to anchor for the night or for lunch.

The water is cold most of the year, but warms enough in July and August for comfortable swimming among the Islands. The Islands offer great protection from wind and waves on a rough day. If the wind comes up and the waves becomes uncomfortable for anyone, we are never more than a few minutes away from calm water. 

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