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All Hands Sailing

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All Hands Sailing

After so many years of excellent operation, John and Mary Thiel have handed the helm over to their longtime Charter Master, Brontë. Sarah is also stepping aboard as a co-owner and admin extraordinaire.

All Hands Sailing will be continuing the excellent traditions set forward by Dreamcatcher and its 40 years of operation. Brontë and Sarah are excited to be stepping up, following footsteps and mixing metaphors.

Sarah and Brontë

Brontë worked for Dreamcatcher Sailing for five years, first as a captain and boat maintenance technician, and later as their Charter Master. He grew up sailing in the Apostle Islands with his father and family. As Charter Master, he oversaw the maintenance and upkeep of the fleet, as well as the training and hiring of the captains. With a background in sailing education and a passion for sharing the beauty of nature, he’s excited to continue bringing joy through wind and water.


Sarah brings a long expertise in outdoor program management and administration to the business. She graduated with a degree in Outdoor Education from Northland College and immediately began throwing herself into challenging roles that varied from overseeing outdoor orientation trips for college freshman to managing an educational campus in a  historical estate on Forest Service grounds. Sarah is looking forward to creating high quality trips, herding captains (we’re like cats, really) and spending time on the water.

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